Monday 1 August 2011


Host A Brooch is a jewellery exhibition with a twist.
The project transforms urban debris into wearable artworks and explores how these work in the world. The public are invited to 'host' a brooch on an excursion through the city to see how it activates connections with their surroundings. 

The Host A Brooch 'depot' is located in a converted shipping container. Operating like a bike-sharing system, the public are invited to 'host a brooch' on an urban adventure. Just as a bicycle transforms our experience of a city – producing new sensory experiences, routes and encounters - jewellery also alters how we encounter a city.

Walking around the city, the body becomes the vehicle for a mobile intervention. The brooches claim a prominent position on the body, demanding attention and provoking conversation. As remnants of the city, they also draw attention to overlooked aspects of one’s surroundings, evoking material histories and connecting us with the material ecology of the city. 

Taking part, the goal is to wander the streets aimlessly. See where the brooch takes you. See what happens  - like a Situationist psycho-geography. On your adventures, take photos showing how the brooch connects you to your surroundings. 
Over the six weekends, each brooch is worn by multiple people, resulting in a myriad of different experiences. Wearers are asked to document their experiences with photos and notes. These accumulate in the exhibition, becoming a cartography of these jewellery-led adventures.

Host A Brooch is one of many projects that are currently exploring ways of reinvigorating Christchurch city through the arts. Although architectural and infrastructural change will take time, the arts can respond more immediately to reinject life into the city.

A catalogue will be produced to document the project.
Contact us ( to request a copy.