Host A Brooch is a collaboration between contemporary jeweller Jacqui Chan and Caroline Billing (Director of "The National" in Christchurch). 
Since the Februrary earthquake, the High St gallery has been in hiatus.  In response to this  situation, Director Caroline Billing has actively been exploring alternative ways of taking contemporary jewellery to the public.  Host A Brooch is one such example, where jewellery literally takes to the street. A shipping container becomes an alternative exhibition space, and jewellery is used to engage the city.

Jacqui Chan is a contemporary jeweller from New Zealand. Jacqui initially studied
architecture. This has informed her approach to jewellery, both in terms of its material
production and it’s relation to bodies and places. Her practice incorporates both the making and wearing of jewellery. Her work has been selected for exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Germany and Norway.
Jacqui is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD at RMIT University, provisionally
entitled ‘Jewellery in the Urban Milieu - Explorations in Emergence’. This research examines
the relation between jewellery and the city, experimenting with ways of feeding off,
and feeding back into the urban context.

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The National is a Christchurch gallery dedicated to contemporary jewellery.    
The National represents a strong stable of jewellers from around New Zealand with a focus on presenting solo exhibitions of new work.  It shows established and emerging jewellers, with the aim of highlighting the breadth and development of contemporary jewellery in the country, drawing attention to its makers, whilst supporting and enriching the city's vibrant arts community.

This project has been made possible through the generous support of: