What's involved:
[Click the image to enlarge or click here to download a pdf User Manual]
  1. Come down to the Host A Brooch depot (see map below), and select a brooch to take on an urban adventure*.
  2. You'll be given a User Manual with instructions.
  3. Set off on an expedition.
    See where the brooch takes you…
    See how it alters the way you engage with the city…
  4. Along the way, notice what the brooch draws attention to. Take photos in different situations showing connections between the brooch, the body and your surroundings.
  5. Return the brooch and your photos to the Host A Brooch depot.
  6. Your photos will be included in the exhibition, blog and catalogue.
* Brooches are available for up to 2 hours and must be returned by 4pm each day.

What you'll need:
Camera / phone (and USB cable if possible)
Pen or pencil
Comfortable walking shoes
A current bank card or ID is required as a deposit. 

The Host A Brooch depot is located in a shipping container the Arts Festival Events Village in Hagley Park. Enter the park off Rolleston Ave.
At the roundabout, follow the driveway left towards the botanic gardens and the telstra clear club dome.

You’ll find host a brooch in the shipping container on the right.

Host A Brooch will run from 26 August - 1 October, open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 10am - 4pm.
You can take part as often as you like, or come down and see other peoples' adventures.
The project concludes with a catalogue launch for participants on Saturday 1 October.